Private Religious 4 day tour in Kosovo
Dear Eleonora, Dear Zeke,
How can we ever express our gratitude enough for all that you did to introduce us to Kosova? We had a fabulous time and hope by now your wife has forgiven us for keeping you away so long. We could not have had anything better in the short time we had at our disposal and shall be sharing our experiences with our friends. We shall certainly be encouraging them to come and visit and tell them about Intours & Travel. We do hope we shall be able to welcome you to our home when you are in the U.K. Thank you for a wonderful time and all that you did to help us.
Yours warmly
Terry & Ruth
Revd Terry E and Mrs A Ruth Hemming
St Nicholas House
Hants SP11 6PG


Study Tour 5 days in Kosova, university professor from Tokyo, Japan
Dear Mr. Zeke Ceku,

Thank you so much for your kind message.
It is so great to hear that not only you, but also all your family is doing

It is so amazing that you have very cold days!! I read news paper that
unusual cold winter is coming in the Eastern Europe and many people die and
enter the hospitals. Please take care...

I often remember your kind hospitality and the greatness of Kosovo. I long, to visit your country again and again.

Thank you so much again and again!!
Sincerely yours,

Group 7 day classic tour in Kosova, Partner from UK
Dear Eleonora
Thank you for all your hard work during group tour. This group liked your country very much and have very positive opinions about Kosovo. We are already thinking about September group and therefore need to improve itinerary as much as possible. Thank you both for your hard work during the tour which is very much appreciated. Also big thank you for the driver- he was very good.
FOOD: Food was just simply excellent. One small comment is that vegetarian meal and breakfast was not great in Fish farm and hopefully can be improved for next trip. Other meals were excellent.  
Best Regards
Regent Holidays

Winter 6 day classic Winter tour our partner from Japan, Tokyo
Dear Mr. Zeke & Ms Eleonora
Hello and how are you?
Finally our second group came back without any problem yesterday.
I really thank you so much for your best service with warm heart. Our clients were impressed with your hospitality...
As for the weather the first group had a good luck maybe but for both all program was done thanks to you, even though there were some difficulties to manage because of New Year season and so am very happy now.
I think our first collaboration was successful, wasn't it?
So I hope we can send more groups from May!!
We have already had some bookings and so like to inform you that we can materialize the tour.
Thank you very much again for this time.
Best Regards


Winter 6 day classic Spring tour our partner from Japan, Tokyo
Dear Nora san
Mirmengjes (Good morning)!
We came back to Japan safe.
Thank you for your great work. Our guests were really happy and very impressive with your work.
They are very happy. Thank you


Partner from Denmark
Dear Eleonora
Thank you for your kindly reply, and thank you so much for your interest of working together with me and my operators...
My fundament of writing to you is, that I had a great time talking to you at the Hotel Nartel, where I got the best impression, that you are making a magnificent work, a great effort for your country, and that you are very good doing what you are doing - and that is therefore I put my trust in you, making a kind of partnership in the coming time.....
As I told Marco Polo; you are the best to do in tours, and that it is obvious to make a campaign with your firm, when we are going to get Scandinavian tourists to Kosova....!!
I have one thing in mind, and only one thing in mind: To be partners and together, not competitors - because, my thought is also to make an effort to get a boost to the Kosova economy by a tourist-economy, and to get people around the world say the word, as they say to you: EXCELLENT:)   ...because, that is also what I was saying after only 12 days - now I can't help, being falling in love with Kosova...   :)
You will hear from me when I have some more news...
Take care...

Partner from UK - London
Dear Eleonora,
Although I have not yet left Kosovo, I am writing to express my most sincere gratitude for your help in arranging parts of my trip. The tour today was excellent and it was an honour to be in the company of your father, learning about his own life and work and, of course, the history of the places I have visited. This truly was the highlight of my very short stay in Kosovo, but which hopefully will not be the last time I visit here. I will recommend Intours & Travel to anyone, without reservation.
Many thanks,
Christopher Bellamy