Kosovo Classic Tours

Classic Group Tour
Welcome to Kosovo

pictureVisit and stay in the most emblematic places experiencing well-known cultural and natural attractions and landscapes.


Cultural Diversities
Experience Uniqueness

pictureExplore unique cultural diversities in Kosovo, belonging to different historic periods, Illyrian, Roman, Orthodox, Ottoman, etc.


UNESCO Heritage
World Heritage in Kosovo

Visit UNESCO listed culture heritage in Kosovo, the church of Black Madonna as well as 6 small churches in Velika Hoca.


Kosovo Day Tours

Diversities in Prishtina region
The city of Youth

pictureVisit Prishtina, the city of youth and permanent festivities, enjoing it's well known hospitallity, gastronomy and cultural diversities.


Wines & traditional cuisine
Rahoveci wine region

pictureEnjoy the best wines and traditional gastronomy, visitting the well known Rahoveci and Velika Hoca (Hoqa Madhe) wine region.


Extraordinary Dukagjini Heritage
Unique Hospitality

pictureVisit and stay in Decan, Gjakova, Prizren and Sharr Mountains. Experience well-known cultural and natural attractions and landscapes.


Regional Tours

Cultural Tour Southern Balkans
Cultural Treasure of Southern Ballkans

pictureEnjoy unique cultural and natural heritage, as well as specific hospitality, visiting Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.


Geopolitics Balkans Tour
Developing Regional Cooperation

pictureExplore the western Ballkans, learning from their past and recent conflicts and wars, learning how this once troubled region is curing its wounds.


Western Balkan Regional Tour
Specific values in Western Ballkans

pictureEnjoy well known diversities and unique hospitality, visiting Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.