1- Travel's Contract
The contract concerning the programs that are published here must be considered regulated according to the present general conditions.

2- Bookings
The acceptance of the bookings is subordinated to the availability of places and is executed with consequent conclusion of the contract, only from the confirmation moment.

3- Documents for Expatriation
No responsibility competes to us for each and any damage deriving to the traveller for the impossibility to begin and/or go on trip if it's due the lack or to irregularity of the prescribed personal documents for expatriation, (identity-card, passport and/or other valid travel document.).

4- Variations of Programs
We can replace the vectors and hotels with other one with the same characteristics in the case that it becomes necessary for operative and other reasonable causes. If after the departure we are not able to give an essential part of the services, it will arrange alternative solutions without supplements for the traveller and if the performances will be of inferior value in comparison to those which had been programmed, the traveller will be adequately refunded.

5- Recess and Cancellations
Notice of cancellation for groups is required at least 30 prior to arrival. From the 29th working day to the 16th, we will reserve the right to retain half of the deposit. We will be unable to make any refund from 15 working days, or less, prior to arrival. Notice of cancellation for individuals is required at least 15 days prior to arrival. Please note that we will retain 15 from any money refund due to administrative costs.
No refund will be granted to participants who do not show up at departure, or who are unable to embark on the journey because of absent, invalid or inadequate personal documents for leaving the country or who decide not to carry on with the journey.

6- Substitution of Bookings
A person who renounces can be replaced by another one if we are informed in writing within 15 working days from the date fixed for the departure; if there is no problem about the passport, the pass, the sanitary certificates, accommodations, services transport or something that makes impossible the performance of the trip for another person.

7-Booking Changes
Modifications are allowed up till 30 working days prior to arrival , From the 29th working day to the 16th we reserve the right to accept the modification required or not , according to the availability of rooms and services . We will be unable to accept any booking change from 14 working days, or less, days prior to arrival.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon,

Intours & Travel Administration